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The 6 essential elements of all AI Agents

Essential elements for AI agents: Inputs, responses, memory, loops, 3rd party actions, and comprehension. Building blocks for versatile and effective AI.

Advancing Source Code Generation with LLMs

Discover four crucial factors that enhance LLM-based source code generation: context, TDD, embedding techniques, and human-AI collaboration.

The Future of Natural Language APIs

Natural language APIs are set to revolutionize software development by making API communication more intuitive, flexible, and accessible for developers.

Small Language Models are Going to Eat the World.

Explore the future of Large Language Models (LLMs) running locally for speed, reliability, privacy, and cost efficiency. Learn how multi-language libraries can bridge the gap for seamless integration across various platforms.

The Importance of Foundational Models and Libraries

Explore the importance of foundational models and libraries in AI applications. Learn how various technologies like LLMs, transformers, and code execution libraries work seamlessly to deliver value to end-users.

Input validation in LLM-based applications

Enhance security and efficiency in LLM-based applications with advanced input validation techniques. Explore NLI, Siamese networks, and triplet loss for robust prompt routing and data validation.

Smaller prompts, better apps

Accelerate prompt-based app development with smaller, more manageable prompts. Improve output quality, enhance collaboration, and streamline prompt management for faster AI solutions.

PDLC: Prompt Development Life Cycle

Explore the Prompt Development Life Cycle (PDLC) - a systematic approach to building, measuring, optimizing, and fine-tuning AI prompts.