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What's New


Future Plans (Q2 2024)

  • Import/export samples
  • Import/export of logs

In-progress (Q1 2024)

  • Add SSL support for docker compose
  • One-click install script for Docker
  • Allow local API calls in Python and JavaScript SDK
  • Add JavaScript NPM SDK
  • Add model and prompt library in Documentation
  • Improved 3rd party model integration
  • Support import/export of prompts and models
  • Improved testing and CI/CD pipeline
  • Improved error handling

December 2023 (Latest)

  • Added AI classification (binary and multi-class) support for the Python SDK
  • Added NGINX reverse proxy for the Application
  • Improved error handling
  • Improved "View Source Code" functionality

November 2023

  • Added dataset capabilities
  • Added logs to the dashboard
  • Added organization-based API keys
  • Added JSON support for the Python SDK
  • Added Monaco editor for the model editor
  • UI improvements

October 2023

  • Added prompt tab-based navigation
  • Added docker compose support
  • Allow for any LLM model to be used
  • Allow for chat and completion-type prompts

September 2023

  • Initial release of PromptDesk
    • Prompt editor (Handelbars.js)
    • Model editor
    • Settings (API keys, etc.)
    • Prompt list
    • Python SDK (generation for chat and completion prompts)
  • Added readme and documentation
  • Dockerized the application